Iwo Zaniewski

Iwo Zaniewski is a painter of morning and of mourning. Of morning in the sense that his paintings glow with freshness of colouring and spontaneity of feeling , and of mourning in the sense that his paintings are suffused with a profound melancholy.  This a strange and haunting combination that keeps drawing you back to the light in his art. I think it says something about the current state of Poland where he was born and has always lived – the nation’s awareness of its history and its anticipation of its future.  It also springs from deep personal experiences. Iwo was born in Warsaw in 1956, and was brought up by his mother, a very successful set designer whom he often saw only in the evenings when they shared a love of drawing together. Iwo remembers spending two years at playschool ‘standing by the fence and paralysed by a strange sense of loneliness.’ Setting his course directly against modernism, he developed, slowly and laboriously over the years, his exquisite, highly sophisticated mastery of composition. Other sides of his creativity emerged: he has produced a series of remarkably intense and incisive black and white photographs. Even more surprisingly, he has also become a brilliant director of film adverts, producing bizarre, playful and unforgettable, surreal promotions that have won dozens of prizes. One can’t help feeling his highly original, deeply personal creativity has not finished efflorescing. A volcano could be about to erupt.

For more information please visit Iwo’s website: www.iwozaniewski.eu

Evening Conversation on Vacation 2003

Oil on canvas 81 x 100 cm

Blue Dress 1986

Oil on canvas 54 x 65 cm