Darren Woodhead

Darren Woodhead paints the wonderful sights of the natural world on a large scale in watercolour.  He works in the open air, in all weathers – sometimes as his brushes freeze – while his dog sits patiently by. I know no-one living today who can handle this immensely difficult medium with more glorious spontaneity, letting the white of the blank page dance with life as he flicks and washes in the forms of gulls flocking to feed in the sea, plovers pecking in a field or mountain hares sniffing the air from their hiding places in the snow.  

Here, among the rocks at low tide, knots and a dunlin busily peck for food, the light glowing through and under them.  Fledgling thrushes, now much too big for their nest, shuffle one another out of the way, a fluffy, feathery, endlessly shifting brown jumble that no-one else could make sense of in paint.  

Darren Woodhead’s art is a celebration of the world we have to save. That’s why it’s so urgently contemporary.

For more information please visit Darren’s website: www.darrenwoodheadartist.co.uk

Thrush Fledglings   2009
watercolour on paper

Knots and a Dunlin  2005
watercolour on paper