Adam Magyar

Adam Magyar is an artist of great originality, profundity and insight.  He has looked at and thought deeply about modern life and has begun to mine a seam of everyday, contemporary, common experience which, as far as I’m aware, no one has explored before, or, at least, not quite in this way.  

A crucial dimension of this experience is our growing awareness of our numbers.  In Magyar’s art this is not a simplistic, decorative statement of a truth that is staring everyone in the face, still less is it a political or even an ecological comment.  Refreshingly he regards all mankind’s scientific achievements as an integral part of human evolution. Viewed from that perspective, cities become, for him, no less a natural environment than a rain forest.  What fascinates him is what our growing awareness of our numbers means to us: how minutely insignificant our lives become when viewed from the outside, as one of the crowd, and yet how immense our lives are when viewed from within, from the perspective of our individual experience.  In his series Stainless the train becomes a metaphor for the world we know, lit up inside, suspended in the darkness of what we don’t know, all around – the seam of life we all live in. 

But his art delves deeper than this. What unites us all, in our millions, is our sense of time passing through us and, up to a point, carrying us with it. To explore and express this bewildering sensation, Magyar has developed his own digital and software technology which, totally originally, hovers between the still and the moving, thus opening up a new seam in the art of photography.  Adam Magyar was born in Hungary in 1972, back-packed through cities in Japan, China, India and America, and is now based in Berlin.  He digs into our experience in new ways.

For more information please visit Adam’s website:

Urban Flow